The Hooker squad: Edit

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The "Hooker squad" AKA "Hookers with shotguns" is a Dutch/Surinamese secret covert ops team.

Founded by Pieter Hazelaar in 2018 to combat Desi Bouterse in Suriname the "Hookersquad" has show itself a great asset for the Dutch. They eventually captured Bouterse in 2019 and delivered him to the Dutch for trail at the ICC in the Hague. Since then the Hookersquad has been involved in defending Dutch assets overseas and combating corruption in South-America and the Caribbean.

Their main powers include:

- Seduction

- Surgical shotgun expertize

- Being hookers

The ingame status of the "Hookersquad" is very secretive and known only to the highest in charge of Dutch Intelligence. No leads or evidence of their existence has leaked out yet.

Chronological overview of "Hooker squad" events: Edit


Piet Hazelaar a proper Dutch spy. 2018

The sensual devious hookers with shotguns squad 7 Hookers with shotguns 2019

Hookers with shotguns versus Desi Bouterse 2019

2 hookers are sent to Tuvalu 2020

1 hooker is sent to Georgetown, Guyana and recruits 2 more hookers 2026

Lola gets strangled by Roger Khan in Georgetown 2027

A hooker with a shotgun goes to Reykjavik and buys a red coat 2030

Attempt to recruit more squadmembers 2030

Recruiting 1 new member 2033

Shooting Roger Kahn, Lucia killed - 2033

A hooker with a shotgun Buys the Raddisson Blu Fiji. - 2033

Recruiting new shotgun hookers on Fiji. with no succes - 2033

Recruiting new shotgun hookers on guyana. 3 new hookers - 2034

Rashied Doekhie is seduced by Lulu. (puppet) - 2034

Lily is sent to Venezuela - and defects -1 on covert ops in Venezuala - 2034

Lulu instructs Rashid Doekhi in Guyana - 2034

two "Hookers with shotguns" get stopped at the border - 2035

Operations in Guyana politician caught on video, drug base venezuela, bribes 2 list members- 2035

Meanwhile in Guyana President evidence/ doekhie 2nd - Guyana - 2035

A hooker with a shotgun Recruits on Fiji - without succes again - 2035

"Hookers with shotguns" moving to Venezuela - Lily rejoins, 3 new hookers, brothel caracas - 2035

Hookers and a "politician" in Guyana - full drug base in VEN, Prime minister of Guy caught - 2036

Hookers/ "honest politician" Guyana - Rashied 1st place voter list, Donald Ramotar of the PPP brothel - 2036

hookers and Danny Trejo in Caracas! - bribe Chief Commissioner of Caracas police - 2036

Hookers and just another day in Guyana. PPP Donald Ramotar reveals personal details - minus on on AfC seats- 2036

Hooker Lacey tries to recruit again on Fiji 4 new hookers - 2036

Guyana operations, P M Moses Nagamootoo AfC finds out about some personal information and bank accounts, +1 AfC seat - 2037

Hookers in Venezuela No one of significance visits the brothel, bribed some local police officers- 2037

Hookers and politics in Guyana Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo AfC visits the brothel and might be falling in love- 2037

Meanwhile in Caracas! President Maduro, USPV, visits the brothel, bribed the Minister of Justice, Gustavo González López USPV -2037

Business as usual in Georgetown, Guyana. bribed 2 PPP members to join the AfC, PM falls in love- 2037

The new members of the Fijian Hookersquad are going to work A lot of tourists visit the Brothel- 2037

Bribes and hookers in Caracas! Danny manages to bribe General-in-chief Vladimir Padrino López- 2038

Hookers, bribes and a wedding in Guyana? Donald Ramotar PPP visits the brothel 3rd time, Bribe gets found out 1 seat of AfC moves to PPP, a big wedding, Layla leaves the brothel, puppets the PM, AfC +2 seats from both parties. - 2038

Hookers and "Caribbean politics" in Venezuela Henrique Capriles Radonski, MUD leader visits brothel, Ernesto Villegas governor of Caracas USPV bribed - 2038

Hookers, bribes and campaigning in Guyana AfC manages to gain 1 seat from PPP- 2038

Just a normal day of bribing and hookers in Caracas Nothing happens -2038

on the campaign trail Guyana :1 seat of AfC moves to PPP Donald Ramotar PPP visits brothel. 4th time - 2038

Exposing a pervert in Georgetown No incident at exposure, +1 from afc, +1 from PPP- 2038

Operations in Caracas continue Jesús "Chúo" Torrealba, Chairman of the MUD visits the "Shotgun hookers brothel"- 2038

Don't mind the hookers on Fiji local police officers visit brothel - 2038

Trying to exposing another socialist in Guyana. nothing changes - 2039

Exposing a hooker visiting president in guyana. +4 afc - 2039

Spring in Guyana...and hookers -2039

operations in Guyana continue +4 AfC - 2039

Bribing and hookers like usual in Caracas some local socialist politicians bribed -2039

Some last minute hookers in Guyana +4 from PPP +2 from Anpu -2039

Autumn and Hookers in Caracas - Henrique Capriles Radonski, MUD leader visits brothel 2nd time - 2039

Leonie becomes Guyanese minister of Justice - 2039

Lulu and Doekhie arrive in Venezuela. 3 supreme court judged bribed- 2039

Hookers in venezuela Chairman of the MUD visits brothel, 3 judges bribed"- 2040

Hookers gonna be hookers in Venezuela Henrique Radonski, MUD leader visits the brothel 3rd time- 2040

Ven and hookers, a match made in heaven! President Maduro, USPV, visits brothel", local politicians bribed 2nd time- 2040

Lily seducing Henrique Capriles Radonski, in Venezuela. succes - 2040

Presiden Maduro is exposed about his "Hobby" in Venezuela +4% voters MUD - 2040

A phonecall from Anna - 2041

A drugged up Rashied Doekhie flees to Colombia - 2041

Everybody loves Doekhie in Colombia! -2042

Where's Doekhie? - 2042

Brothels / hotels Edit

City Country Number of hookers stationed
Paramaribo Suriname 1
Icetuv Nordic Tuvalu 2
Vaipatu Tuvalu 1
Nadi Fiji 4
Georgetown Guyana 4
Caracas Venezuela 6
Escorting Hans de Bink Varies 1
Total 19

Active Roster: Edit

19 active Hookers

Paramaribo Edit

Lara - Head hooker (mauritius) ------------------------ Pieter Hazelaar - Dutch intelligence P.I.M.P

Pieter hazelaar

IceTuv Edit

Lucy - "sarge" training hooker --------- Lana - (weapons training since jan 2033) operation in mauritius


Tuvalu Edit

Lori - counterintelligence Vaipatu(old skool)












Fiji: Edit

Lacey - Oldskool ------------------------Lexus - Fiji (rookie)


Lee-Ann - Fiji (rookie) -----------------------------Lilith - Fiji (rookie) operation in Mauritius

Lee ann


Guyana Edit

Leonie - Minister of Justice, Guyana AfC --- Leah "counterintelligence"



Leia "counterintelligence" --------------------- Layla Married the PM of Guyana (old skool)



Colombia Edit

Lulu - Dominatrix/thick bushed dominating Rashid Doekhi, employing danny trejo (old skool)


Venezuela Edit

Laney - "Doing business" (oldskool) -----Lily - Married to opposition leader Radonski (puppet)


Lexie - "rookie" ------------------------------ Luna - "rookie"



Lucinda - Head of the anti corruption committee

Jessica burciaga hot girl gun











Escorting Hans de Bink: Edit

Lizz - Assistant and bodyguard to Tuvaluan Governor General, Hans de Bink












Hired help: Edit

Danny Trejo - Venezuelan Drug underboss for Rashied

2015-01-11 17-30-06

Defected hookers: Edit

None at the moment

Dead Hookers: Edit

May they rest in peace.

Lola: Got strangled by Guianese Drug Kingpin Roger Khan

Lucia: Fell off a stage and then got strangled by Roger Kahn